The "3 V's"


My Philosophy: The '3 V's'


Having worked in a variety of settings and sectors, there are three values that ought to take a front-row spot.

These are the '3 V's': Value, Voice, and Visibility.




(1) Value is a two-way street. It's not just what you can gain; what can you give in exchange? Value can be infinite while things like price finite. Relationships and a network are two of the most important aspects of creating value. It's about underpromising & overdelivering.


(2) Voice is not about just being vocal, it's also incorporating the feedback of others. Each viewpoint is a vantage-point to consider. If there's a better way - find it.


(3) Not everything you do is visible by others. Go beyond - even when others aren't looking. Feedback along the way and measuring results with metrics are part of the process, but taking ownership of tasks starts on an individual level.



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